The Hot Tag is the segment of the Website and Podcast where we ask a question and then seek answers from all of you out there on the Interwebs. We cover a wide range of topics and ask thought provoking questions and queries covering the world of professional wrestling. The general idea is that each week we pose a question to our listeners. We offer our own thoughts and answers on the topic of conversation. But what we are truly interested in is what you think. This is what makes the Attitude of Aggression experience a truly interactive one.

Now that we are well down the podcasting path, we wanted to put all of these ideas in one easy to access page so that you can see what topics we have already covered and which ones are on the horizon.

If you see any topic or question for which you would like to respond, then please send us an e-mail at Please put in the subject line the number of the Hot Tag topic to which you are responding. It just makes things that much easier for all involved.

Here then is a list of all prior Hot Tag topics/questions. The Podcast Episode this topic appeared in and was discussed is in parentheses:

1. How to make the Intercontinental Championship and/or US Championship more relevant/ important? (Episode 1)

2. How to make Tag Teams matter again? (Episode 3)

3. What would you say to a non-wrestling fan to get them to give pro wrestling a try? (Episode 4)

4. Should there be fewer pay-per-views? (Episode 5)

5. The best ring entrances in history? (Episode 7)

6. Feuds or matches you most want to see based on the current roster? (Episode 8)

7. The best finishing moves of all-time? (Episode 12)

8. The best tag teams in history? (Episode 15)

9. Who were the best heels in pro wrestling history? (Episode 17)

10.  Should the WWE World Champion be allowed to compete in the actual Royal Rumble match?  (Episode 18)

11. Which Superstars should be released or should retire? (Episode 23)

12. Ideas for more exclusive tournaments or events on the WWE Network? (Episode 26)

13. Storylines you would most like to see happen? (Episode 28)

14. The best ladder matches of all-time? (Episode 29)

15. Should Steel Cage Matches go back to being won by escape only? (Episode 32)

16. Best wrestlers to never win a singles title in WWE? (Episode 35)

17. Best debuts in wrestling history? (Episode 40)

18. Forgotten WrestleMania Classics? (Episode 50)

19. Are title reigns too short?  (Episode 59)

20. The Greatest Entrance Theme Songs Of All-Time (Episode 66)

21. The Greatest Factions Of All-Time (Episode 75)

22. The Greatest WrestleMania Matches Of All-Time (Episode 85)

23. The Best promo cutters of All-Time? (Episode 94)

As for upcoming topics, here is what we will be discussing over the next 3-6 weeks:

Is NXT now the second best brand in all of pro wrestling?

The Best couples in Wresting History?

Should Survivor Series Feature More Traditional Elimination Matches?

Best Female Wrestlers of All-Time?

Should There Be More Or Fewer Titles?

The Creative Corner is the segment of the Podcast and Website where we do our fantasy booking. This too is a topic for which we hope to get interaction from you fine pro wrestling fans. Do you have the most epic story line in history just sitting in your gray matter? Have you written down the main event to end all WrestleMania main events? Or do you just have fun story that you want to talk about? Then, please, send in your ideas to the Podcast and we will read them on the air for you. You never know who might be listening.

If you want to send in a fantasy booking idea, the only criteria be that it be possible. It does not have to be entirely plausible or likely or anything like that. Just so long as it is possible. For example, a story line where John Cena wrestles the Ultimate Warrior is, obviously, not possible (absent a time machine of course). See how it works? On the other hand, you are more than welcome to submit a story line for how you think something should have gone down in the past. That is fair game. Do you have the fleshed out story line that would have enabled Hulk Hogan to have wrestled Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 18 instead of The Rock? We would love to hear about it.

So if you want to send in your atory ideas, just send an e-mail to us at In the subject line, just tag it as Creative Corner and we will take it from there.

Thanks again to everyone for their participation and support.