Return Of The Jerkoffs- Episode 209 2

After a long hiatus, the Attitude Of Aggression is back…and back at full strength! Big Dave and Ol’ Gator make their triumphant return here on Episode 209….and the wrestling podcasting world may never be the same. The guys have made a change of format to the show and how matters […]

Summer Slam ’17 Spectacular Part 1: The Road To Summer Slam- Episode 207

Do you remember movies like Eddie and the Cruisers, or Crossroads, or something like that where much of the movie revolved around lost tapes or lost songs? Well consider Episodes 207 and the forthcoming 208 to be like lost Episodes of the Attitude Of Aggression. These are the Summer Slam […]

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III Blowout- Episode 206

After a long hiatus and wrestling with whether to even release all the stuff recorded during Takeover and Summer Slam weekend, the decision was made that there was some really good stuff recorded and though it may be a bit dated, we are releasing the content over the next few […]